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' Folio Page Tutorial - page 1 Folio Option Selection

Overview The Member's Folio Page has several functions to enable members to better manage their entries in the various competitions.
1. Store images for future entry in competitions Members may upload up to 100 images without the images being entered in any competition. The member has the option in the future of assigning any of these images to a future competition.
2. Viewing Folios You may view the folios of other members and other members may view your folio.
3. Alter Details Members may alter captions on any image in their folio or if required remove an image from their folio and completely off the system.
Target for Removal of Competition Images Images that have been entered in a competition may be removed from that competition so long as the competition has not been closed for entries AND the voting period has not yet ended. The routine to remove images from competitions transfers the images from the competition to the Member's Folio Page.

Manage your Competition Entries The ability to move images between your Folio page and Competition Entries allows members to change their mind about a competition entry. Having entered a competition, the member may decide that a different image would better suit the competition. The existing competition entry may be removed back to the Folio page and a new competition entry made. The original competition entry is now on the Folio page and can be entered in some other future competition if appropriate.
The routine is very handy if a member accidently enters an image in the 'Open' competition instead of the 'Set Subject' competition or vice versa Go to 's Folio Page now

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